Toyota Camry owners & service manuals

Toyota Camry: Information display area

Displays the following items in the appropriate situation:

■ Warning/Message

  • Alert from the LTA (Lane Tracing Assist)
  • Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range
  • Brake Override System/Drive-Start Control
  • message
    Displayed when a suggestion/advice pop-up display is displayed on the multi-information display.
  • message
    Displayed when a warning message is displayed on the multi-information display.
  • Outside temperature
    Displayed in the following situations:
    • When the engine switch is turned to IGNITION ON mode
    • When the low outside temperature indicator is flashing

Displayed content is the same as that displayed on the multi-information display. For details, refer to the explanation of the outside temperature display on the multi-information display.

■ Hands-free system status

Displayed when the hands-free system is operated.

■ Audio system operation status

Displayed when the audio system is operated.

■Head-up display

The head-up display may seem dark or hard to see when viewed through sunglasses, especially polarized sunglasses.

Adjust the brightness of the head-up display or remove your sunglasses.

■Display brightness

The brightness of the head-up display can be adjusted on of the multi-information display. Also, it is automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness.

■Enabling/disabling of the head-up display

If the head-up display is disabled, it will remain disabled when the engine switch is turned off then back to IGNITION ON mode.

■Street name display (vehicles with a navigation system)

Only street names which are included in the map data will be displayed.


■Before using the head-up display

  • Check that the position and brightness of the head-up display image does not interfere with safe driving. Incorrect adjustment of the image's position or brightness may obstruct the driver's view and lead to an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.
  • Do not continuously look at the head-up display while driving as you may fail to see pedestrians, objects on the road, etc. ahead of the vehicle.

■Caution for changing settings of the head-up display

As the engine needs to be running while changing the settings of the headup display, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a place with adequate ventilation.

In a closed area such as a garage, exhaust gases including harmful carbon monoxide (CO) may collect and enter the vehicle. This may lead to death or a serious health hazard.


■To prevent damage to components

  • Do not place any drinks near the head-up display projector. If the projector gets wet, electrical malfunctions may result.
  • Do not place anything on or put stickers onto the head-up display projector.

    Doing so could interrupt head-up display indications.

  • Do not touch the inside of the head-up display projector or thrust sharp edges or the like into the projector.

    Doing so could cause mechanical malfunctions.

Head-up display

■When changing the settings of the head-up display

To prevent battery discharge, ensure that the engine is running while the changing the settings of the head-up display.


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