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Toyota Camry: Seat belts

Make sure that all occupants are wearing their seat belts before driving the vehicle.

Correct use of the seat belts

  • Extend the shoulder belt so that it comes fully over the shoulder, but does not come into contact with the neck or slide off the shoulder.
  • Position the lap belt as low as possible over the hips.
  • Adjust the position of the seatback.

    Sit up straight and well back in the seat.

  • Do not twist the seat belt.

For safe use

Fastening and releasing the seat belt

  1. To fasten the seat belt, push the plate into the buckle until a click sound is heard.
  2. To release the seat belt, press the release button.

For safe use

Adjusting the seat belt shoulder anchor height (front seats)

  1. Push the seat belt shoulder anchor down while pressing the release button.
  2. Push the seat belt shoulder anchor up while pressing the release button.

    Move the height adjuster up and down as needed until you hear a click.

For safe use


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