Toyota Camry owners & service manuals

Toyota Camry: General maintenance

Listed below are the general maintenance items that should be performed at the intervals specified in the "Owner's Warranty Information Booklet" or "Owner's Manual Supplement/Scheduled Maintenance Guide". It is recommended that any problem you notice should be brought to the attention of your Toyota dealer or qualified service shop for advice.

Engine compartment


Vehicle interior



Vehicle exterior



■If the engine is running

Turn the engine off and ensure that there is adequate ventilation before performing maintenance checks.


     Emission inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs

    Some states have vehicle emission inspection programs which include OBD (On Board Diagnostics) checks. The OBD system monitors the operation of the emission control system. If the malfunction indic

     Do-it-yourself maintenance

     Do-it-yourself service precautions

    If you perform maintenance by yourself, be sure to follow the correct procedure as given in these sections. WARNING The engine compartment contains many mechanisms and fluids that may move sudde


     Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Stuck High (C050024)

    DESCRIPTION Refer to DTC C050012 Click here DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area C050024 Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Stuck High The speed sensor signal is not within the specified range for 5 seconds or more. Front speed sensor

     Parking Brake Switch Circuit

    DESCRIPTION This circuit is from the parking brake switch assembly*1 or skid control ECU (Brake Actuator Assembly)*2 to the radio and display receiver assembly. *1: w/o Electric Parking Brake System *2: w/ Electric Parking Brake System WIRING DIAGRAM w/o Electric Parking Brake System w/

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