Toyota Camry owners & service manuals

Toyota Camry: Light bulbs

You may replace the following bulbs yourself. The difficulty level of replacement varies depending on the bulb. If necessary bulb replacement seems difficult to perform, contact your Toyota dealer.

For more information about replacing other light bulbs, contact your Toyota dealer.

Preparing for light bulb replacement

Check the wattage of the light bulb to be replaced.

Bulb locations


Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Front turn signal/parking lights (bulb type)
  2. Front side marker lights (bulb type)


Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Back-up lights (bulb type)
  2. Rear turn signal lights (bulb type)
  3. Rear side marker lights (bulb type)


     Replacing light bulbs

    ■ Front turn signal/parking lights (bulb type) 1. Turn the bulb base counterclockwise. 2. Remove the light bulb. 3. Install a new light bulb and then install the bulb base to the light unit

     When trouble arises

     Essential information


     Wireless charger (if equipped)

    A portable device, such as a smartphone or mobile battery, can be charged by just placing it on the charging area, provided the device is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium. The wireless charger cannot be used with a portable device that

     Adjusting the set speed - Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range

    Adjusting the set speed by the switch To change the set speed, press the "+ RES" or "- SET" switch until the desired set speed is displayed. Increases the speed (Except when the vehicle has been stopped by system control in vehicle- to-vehicle distance control mode) Decreases th

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