Toyota Camry owners & service manuals

Toyota Camry: Opening, closing and locking the doors



Unlocking and locking the doors from the outside ◆ Smart key system (if equipped) Carry the electronic key to enable this function. Grip the driver's door handle to unlock the door. Holding

 Automatic door locking and unlocking systems

The following functions can be set or cancelled: ■Switching the door unlock function (vehicles with a smart key system) It is possible to set which doors the entry function unlocks using the w


The trunk can be opened using the trunk opener switch, entry function (vehicles with a smart key system), wireless remote control or key. Opening the trunk from inside the vehicle Press and hold t


 Fail-safe Chart

FAIL-SAFE CHART FAIL-SAFE CHART (a) When the skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) detects a solenoid valve malfunction or abnormal signal from a sensor, the brake actuator assembly cuts power and sends a signal indicating a malfunction of the vehicle stability control system to the ECM. HINT

 Summary of functions

The multi-information display presents the driver with a variety of driving- related data, such as the current outside temperature. The multi-information display can also be used to change the display settings and other settings. Indicators Driving assist system status display area Disp

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