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Toyota Camry: Selecting tire chains

Vehicles with 16 and 17-inch tires

Use the correct tire chain size when mounting the snow chains.

Chain size is regulated for each tire size.

Side chain:

  1. 0.12 in. (3 mm) in diameter
  2. 0.39 in. (10 mm) in width
  3. 1.18 in. (30 mm) in length

Cross chain:

  1. 0.16 in. (4 mm) in diameter
  2. 0.55 in. (14 mm) in width
  3. 0.98 in. (25 mm) in length

Winter driving tips

Vehicles with 18 and 19-inch tires

Tire chains cannot be mounted.

Snow tires should be used instead.


     Regulations on the use of tire chains

    Regulations regarding the use of tire chains vary depending on location and type of road. Always check local regulations before installing chains. ■Tire chain installation Observe the following

     Interior features

     Using the air conditioning system and defogger


     Illumination Circuit

    DESCRIPTION Power is supplied to the radio and display receiver assembly and steering pad switch assembly illumination when the light control switch is in the tail or head position. WIRING DIAGRAM CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: The vehicle is equipped with a Supplemental Restraint System (

     Outside Vehicle

    OUTSIDE VEHICLE These are maintenance and inspection items that are considered to be the owner's responsibility. The owner can do them or they can have them done at a service center. These items include those that should be checked on a daily basis, those that in most cases do not require s

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