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Toyota Camry (XV70): Specifications


 Maintenance data  (fuel, oil level, etc.)

Dimensions and weights (2WD models) *1: Unladen vehicles *2: For LE or XLE grade models *3: For SE or XSE grade models *4: 205/65R16 tires *5: 215/55R17 tires and TRD models with 235/40R19 tire

 Fuel information

You must only use unleaded gasoline. Select octane rating 87 (Research Octane Number 91) or higher. Use of unleaded gasoline with an octane rating lower than 87 may result in engine knocking. P

 Tire information

Typical tire symbols Full-size tire Compact spare tire Tire size Summer tires or all season tires An all season tire has "M+S" on the sidewall. A tire not marked "M+S" is a summer tire


 Armrest (if equipped)

Fold down the armrest for use. NOTICE To prevent damage to the armrest, do not apply too much load on the armrest. Assist grips An assist grip installed on the ceiling can be used to support your body while sitting on the seat. WARNING Do not use the assist grip when getting in or out

 Problem Symptoms Table

PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE If DTCs are not output but the malfunction persists, use the following table to determine which circuits to inspect for each problem symptom. HINT: Refer to each inspection procedure for related problem symptoms. Vehicle Stability Control System Symptom Suspected Are

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