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Toyota Camry: Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles with a smart key system)

Toyota Camry Owner's Manual (2023) / Driving / Driving procedures / Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles with a smart key system)

Performing the following operations when carrying the electronic key on your person starts the engine or changes engine switch modes.

Starting the engine

1. Check that the parking brake is set.

2. Check that the shift lever is in P.

3. Firmly depress the brake pedal.

and a message will be displayed on the multi-information display.

If it is not displayed, the engine cannot be started.

4. Press the engine switch shortly and firmly.

Driving procedures

When operating the engine switch, one short, firm press is enough. It is not necessary to press and hold the switch.

The engine will crank until it starts or for up to 30 seconds, whichever is less.

Continue depressing the brake pedal until the engine is completely started.

The engine can be started from any engine switch mode.

Stopping the engine

1. Stop the vehicle.

2. Set the parking brake and shift the shift lever to P.

3. Press the engine switch.

Driving-related data will be displayed on the multi-information display.

■Automatic engine shut off feature

  • The vehicle is equipped with a feature that automatically shuts off the engine when the shift lever is in P with the engine running for an extended period.
  • The engine will automatically shut off after approximately 1 hour if it has been left running while the shift lever is in P.
  • The timer for the automatic engine shut off feature will reset if the brake pedal is depressed or if the shift lever is in a position other than P.
  • After the vehicle is parked, if the door is locked with the door lock switch from the inside or the mechanical key from the outside, the automatic engine shut off feature will be disabled. The timer for the automatic engine shut off feature will be re-enabled if the driver's door is opened.


     Changing engine switch modes

    Modes can be changed by pressing the engine switch with the brake pedal released. (The mode changes each time the switch is pressed.) Off* The emergency flashers can be used. The multi-info

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    Shifting the shift lever Vehicles without a smart key system: While the engine switch is in the "ON" position and the brake pedal depressed*, shift the shift lever while pushing the shift rel

     Changing shift ranges in S mode

    When the shift lever is in the S position, the shift lever or paddle shift switches (if equipped) can be operated as follows: Shift lever Paddle shift switches (if equipped) Upshifting D



    Release the lock from the inside of the vehicle to open the hood. 1. Pull the hood lock release lever. The hood will pop up slightly. 2. Pull up the auxiliary catch lever and lift the hood. 3. Hold the hood open by inserting the support rod into the slot. ■Open hood warning buzzer

     Replacing a flat tire

    1. Chock the tires. 2. For vehicles with steel wheels, remove the wheel ornament using the wrench. To protect the wheel ornament, place a rag between the wrench and the wheel ornament, as shown in the illustration. 3. Slightly loosen the wheel nuts (one turn). Vehicles with wheel

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