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Toyota Camry: Operating the lights and wipers

Toyota Camry Owner's Manual XV70 (2017-2024) / Driving / Operating the lights and wipers


 Headlight switch

Operating instructions Operating the switch turns on the lights as follows: For U.S.A. The headlights, daytime running lights and all the lights listed below turn on and off automatica

 AHB (Automatic High Beam)

The Automatic High Beam uses a front camera located behind the upper portion of the windshield to assess the brightness of the lights of vehicles ahead, streetlights, etc., and automatically turns

 Windshield wipers and washer

Operating the wiper lever Operating the lever operates the wipers or washer as follows. When intermittent windshield wiper operation is selected, the wiper interval can be also adjusted.


 Information display area

Displays the following items in the appropriate situation: ■ Warning/Message Alert from the LTA (Lane Tracing Assist) Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range Brake Override System/Drive-Start Control message Displayed when a suggestion/advice pop-up display is displayed on

 Summary of functions

The head-up display is linked to the meters and navigation system (if equipped) and projects a variety of information in front of the driver, such as the current vehicle speed. Driving assist system status/navigation system-linked display area (if equipped) The following pop-up displays

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