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Toyota Camry: Operating the lights and wipers

Toyota Camry Owner's Manual XV70 (2017-2024) / Driving / Operating the lights and wipers


 Headlight switch

Operating instructions Operating the switch turns on the lights as follows: For U.S.A. The headlights, daytime running lights and all the lights listed below turn on and off automatica

 AHB (Automatic High Beam)

The Automatic High Beam uses a front camera located behind the upper portion of the windshield to assess the brightness of the lights of vehicles ahead, streetlights, etc., and automatically turns

 Windshield wipers and washer

Operating the wiper lever Operating the lever operates the wipers or washer as follows. When intermittent windshield wiper operation is selected, the wiper interval can be also adjusted.


 Front Brake Flexible Hose

ComponentsCOMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *1 FRONT FLEXIBLE HOSE *2 GASKET *3 BRAKE LINE *4 FRONT SPEED SENSOR *5 UNION BOLT - - Tightening torque for "Major areas involving basic vehicle performance such as moving/turning/stopping" : N*


Release the lock from the inside of the vehicle to open the hood. 1. Pull the hood lock release lever. The hood will pop up slightly. 2. Pull up the auxiliary catch lever and lift the hood. 3. Hold the hood open by inserting the support rod into the slot. ■Open hood warning buzzer

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