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Toyota Camry: Windshield wipers and washer

Operating the wiper lever

Operating the lever operates the wipers or washer as follows.

When intermittent windshield wiper operation is selected, the wiper interval can be also adjusted.

  1. *1 or *2
    Intermittent windshield wiper operation The intermittent windshield wiper operates more frequently as vehicle speed becomes higher.
  2. *1 or *2
    Low speed windshield wiper operation
  3.   *1 or *2
    High speed windshield wiper operation
  4. *1 or *2
    Temporary operation

Operating the lights and wipers

*1: For U.S.A.
*2: For Canada

Wiper intervals can be adjusted when intermittent operation is selected.

  1. Increases the intermittent windshield wiper frequency
  2. Decreases the intermittent windshield wiper frequency

Operating the lights and wipers

  1. Washer/wiper dual operation

Operating the lights and wipers

Pulling the lever operates the wipers and washer.

Wipers will automatically operate a couple of times after the washer squirts.

(After operating several times, the wipers operate once more time after a short delay to prevent dripping.

However, the dripping prevention does not operate while the vehicle is moving.)

■The windshield wiper and washer can be operated when

Vehicles without a smart key system: The engine switch is in the "ON" position.

Vehicles with a smart key system: The engine switch is in IGNITION ON mode.

■If no windshield washer fluid sprays

Check that the washer nozzles are not blocked if there is washer fluid in the windshield washer fluid reservoir.

■When stopping the engine in an emergency while driving

If the windshield wipers are operating when the engine is stopped, the windshield wipers will operate in high speed operation. After the vehicle is stopped, operation will return to normal when the engine switch is turned to "ON" position (vehicles without a smart key system) or IGNITION ON mode (vehicles with a smart key system), or operation will stop when the driver's door is opened.


■Caution regarding the use of washer fluid

When it is cold, do not use the washer fluid until the windshield becomes warm. The fluid may freeze on the windshield and cause low visibility. This may lead to an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.


■When the windshield is dry

Do not use the wipers, as they may damage the windshield.

■When the washer fluid tank is empty

Damage to the washer fluid pump may be caused if the lever is pulled toward you and held continually.

■When a nozzle becomes blocked

In this case, contact your Toyota dealer.

Do not try to clear it with a pin or other object. The nozzle will be damaged.


     Changing the windshield wiper rest position/Lifting the windshield wipers

    When the windshield wipers are not being used, they retract to below the hood. To enable the windshield wipers to be lifted when parking in cold conditions or when replacing a windshield wiper inser


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     Using the driving support systems



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