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Toyota Camry: Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance


 General maintenance

Explanation of general maintenance General maintenance includes those items which should be checked during the normal day-to-day operation of the vehicle. They are essential if the vehicle is to c

 Periodic maintenance

Introduction of periodic maintenance The following tables show the normal maintenance schedule. Depending upon weather and atmospheric conditions, varying road surfaces, individual driving habits

 Recommended fluids and lubricants

Fluids and lubricants *1: For additional information, see “engine oil recommendation”. *2: As an alternative to this recommended oil, sae 5w-30 conventional petroleum based oil may



COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *1 FRONT FLEXIBLE HOSE *2 GASKET *3 BRAKE LINE *4 FRONT SPEED SENSOR *5 UNION BOLT - - Tightening torque for "Major areas involving basic vehicle performance such as moving/turning/stopping" : N*m (kgf*cm,

 Automatic door locking and unlocking systems

The following functions can be set or cancelled: ■Switching the door unlock function (vehicles with a smart key system) It is possible to set which doors the entry function unlocks using the wireless remote control. 1. Turn the engine switch off. 2. When the indicator light on the key sur

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