Toyota Camry owners & service manuals

Toyota Camry (XV70): Specifications


 2gr-fks Battery / Charging

Service DataSERVICE DATA Battery Standard specific gravity 1.25 or higher at 20

 Audio / Video

 Amplifier Antenna


 Air Conditioner ECU Vehicle Information Reading/Writing Processor Malfunction (B15F5)

DESCRIPTION This DTC may be stored when items controlled by the air conditioning amplifier assembly cannot be customized via the navigation system vehicle customization screen. HINT: The air conditioning amplifier assembly controls the air conditioning system related items that are customizable vi

 Vehicle Speed Signal Circuit between Stereo Component Amplifier and Combination Meter

DESCRIPTION The stereo component amplifier assembly receives a vehicle speed signal from the combination meter assembly to control the ASL function. HINT: A voltage of 12 V or 5 V is output from each ECU and then input to the combination meter assembly. The signal is changed to a pulse signal

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