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Toyota Camry: Garage door operation indicators

The status of the opening and closing of a garage door is shown by the indicators.

  1. Opening
  2. Closing

Other interior features

This function is only available if the garage door opener motor used is a compatible device. (To check device compatibility, refer to

Other interior features

The indicators can operate within approximately 820 ft. (250 m) of the garage door. However, if there are obstructions between the garage door and the vehicle, such as houses and trees, feedback signals from the garage door may not be received. To recall the previous door operation status, press and release either HomeLink buttons and or and simultaneously.

The last recorded status will be displayed for 3 seconds.

Erasing the entire HomeLink memory (all three codes)

Press and hold the 2 outside buttons for 10 seconds until the HomeLink indicator light changes from continuously lit orange to rapidly flashing green.

If you sell your vehicle, be sure to erase the programs stored in the HomeLink memory.

Other interior features

■Codes stored in the HomeLink memory

  • The registered codes are not erased even if the battery cable is disconnected.
  • If learning failed when registering a different code to a HomeLink button that already has a code registered to it, the already registered code will not be erased.

■Before programming

  • Install a new battery in the transmitter.
  • The battery side of the transmitter must be pointed away from the Home- Link.


■When programming a garage door or other remote control device

The garage door or other device may operate, so ensure people and objects are out of danger to prevent potential harm.

■Conforming to federal safety standards

Do not use the HomeLink compatible transceiver with any garage door opener or device that lacks safety stop and reverse features as required by federal safety standards. This includes any garage door that cannot detect an interfering object. A door or device without these features increases the risk of death or serious injury.

■When operating or programming HomeLink

Never allow a child to operate or play with the HomeLink buttons.


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