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Toyota Camry: Taking out the spare tire

1. Lift up the hook of the luggage floor cover on the trunk floor.

Steps to take in an emergency

2. Secure the luggage floor cover using the hook provided.

Steps to take in an emergency

3. Remove the tool tray.

2WD models

Steps to take in an emergency

AWD models

Steps to take in an emergency

4. Loosen the center fastener that secures the spare tire.

When taking out or stowing the spare tire, make sure to firmly hold opposite end of the tire.

Steps to take in an emergency


■When storing the spare tire

Be careful not to catch fingers or other body parts between the spare tire and the body of the vehicle.


     Replacing a flat tire

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    In-cabin microfilter In-cabin microfilter : removal and installation REMOVAL Remove the in-cabin microfilter cover. CAUTION: Before removing the in-cabin microfilter cover, let the vehicle rest for at least 30 minutes. Release the filter cover tab (A), then pull the bottom of the in-

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    The vehicle's keys have built-in transponder chips that prevent the engine from starting if a key has not been previously registered in the vehicle's on-board computer. Never leave the keys inside the vehicle when you leave the vehicle. This system is designed to help prevent vehicle theft b

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