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Toyota Camry: Multi-information display (7-inch display)

Toyota Camry Owner's Manual XV70 (2017-2024) / Instrument cluster / Multi-information display (7-inch display)


 Summary of functions

The multi-information display presents the driver with a variety of driving- related data, such as the current outside temperature. The multi-information display can also be used to change the displ

 Eco-friendly driving information

■ Fuel consumption Current fuel consumption Displays the instantaneous current fuel consumption. Average fuel economy (after start) Displays the average fuel consumption since engine

 Settings display

◆ Changing settings Use the meter control switches on the steering wheel to change settings. 1. Press or to select . 2. Operate the switches to select a desired item. 3. Press or press and


 Sound Signal Circuit between Radio Receiver and Stereo Component Amplifier

DESCRIPTION The radio and display receiver assembly sends a sound signal to the stereo component amplifier assembly via this circuit. The sound signal that is sent is amplified by the stereo component amplifier assembly, and then is sent to the speakers. If there is an open or short in this circ

 Illumination for Panel Switch does not Come on with Tail Switch ON

CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Depending on the parts that are replaced during vehicle inspection or maintenance, performing initialization, registration or calibration may be needed. Refer to Precaution for Audio and Visual System. Click here When replacing the radio and display

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