Toyota Camry owners & service manuals

Toyota Camry: Sun visors

  1. To set the visor in the forward position, flip it down.
  2. To set the visor in the side position, flip down, unhook, and swing it to the side.
  3. To use the side extender, place the visor in the side position, then slide it backward.

Other interior features

Vanity mirrors

Slide the cover to open.

Vehicles with vanity lights: The light turns on when the cover is opened.

Other interior features

Vehicles with vanity lights: If the vanity lights remain on for 20 minutes while the engine is off, the lights will turn off automatically.


     Power outlet

    Please use as a power supply for electronic goods that use less than 12 VDC/10 A (power consumption of 120 W). Open the lid. ■The power outlet can be used when Vehicles without a smart key s

     USB charging ports

    The USB charging ports are used to supply 2.5 A (USB Type-A port) or 3.0 A (USB Type-C port) of electricity at 5 V to external devices. The USB charging ports are for charging only. They are not d

     Wireless charger (if equipped)

    A portable device, such as a smartphone or mobile battery, can be charged by just placing it on the charging area, provided the device is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard created by



    DISASSEMBLY CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT CAUTION: If the rear disc brake cylinder assembly has been disassembled, perform air bleeding for the rear disc brake cylinder assembly. Click here NOTICE: Make sure not to scratch, damage or apply excessive force to any of the internal components of t

     Air outlets - Automatic air conditioning system (without "SYNC" button)

    ■ Location of air outlets The air outlets and air volume change according to the selected airflow mode. ■ Adjusting the position of and opening and closing the air outlets Direct air flow to the left or right, up or down. Turn the knob to open or close the vent. ■Using aut

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